Corporate Liability Questioned Following Factory Accident

Corporate Expert WitnessA large manufacturing company of jewelry with gemstones in Pennsylvania was sued for the resulting injuries and deaths of five of its employees after a deadly factory fire. The factory had acted as a subsidy of the larger company, employing many of the local town’s residents in their manufacturing plant to work their electroforming machines. The lawsuit quickly became a debate on corporate structure, as the jewelry company maintained that its subsidy, and not the company at large, would have to bear liability for the accident. An expert familiar with corporate structures, liability, and human resource labor was needed to opine on the business structure of the jewelry manufacturing company, as well as their accounting practices and cost allocation.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your familiarity with corporate structure.
  • 2. Are you familiar with corporate structure as it relates to shared service organizations, special purpose entities, human resource relationships, and business process outsourcing?

Expert Witness Response E-065170

I’ve dealt with these issues many times before as a practicing corporate attorney. I am familiar with the complicated webs corporations often weave through layers of subsidiaries. Though I do not have an accounting degree, my work in law has given me expertise with corporate structure and governance.  

Expert Bio

This attorney has nearly 20 years of experience working on complex litigation, with a focus on energy, e-discovery, and corporate disputes. He earned his undergraduate degree from MIT and his J.D. from Harvard Law School. The expert spent much of his career trying cases against oil & gas companies in Alaska; he is now based in Louisiana and licensed by the Louisiana State Bar. He has been involved in oil & gas litigation upwards of $250 million in value, and he recently served as the Chair of the E-discovery Group in multi-district litigation relating to the BP Oil Spill. The expert currently works as an independent business attorney/consultant and also assists the State of Louisiana on oil & gas matters.

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