Construction Workers Fall From Scaffolding In Violation Of OSHA Regulations

    Scaffolding ExpertThis case involves two construction workers who suffered fatal falls while working on a scaffolding structure. One of the construction workers was handing the other a tool. As the second construction worker reached for the tool, the ladder slipped off the scaffolding knocking both workers to fall over 50 ft to the ground. One worker perished on impact. The other was in critical condition and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. He died in transit. It was alleged that the site safety manager did not ensure that all OSHA fall prevention regulations were in place. An expert in scaffolding and OSHA regulations relating to industrial projects was sought to review the case.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience with scaffolding construction and protocol for industrial projects.
    • 2. Please describe your supervisory experience as it relates to OSHA safety and managing industrial renovation projects.

    Expert Witness Response E-046805

    I have worked as a corporate safety director for a general contractor, as a deputy safety director for a general contractor, and as a site safety officer for a general contractor for the US Army Corps of Engineers. I am currently the site safety officer on a full facility renovation of an Army Reserve Center. My responsibilities in all of those positions have included ensuring the proper and safe use of scaffolds and providing corporate-level oversight of renovations and new construction. I have uncovered similar conditions as the result of internal audits. I have some questions concerning the condition of the scaffold, and the ladder the co-worker was climbing that will help with my understanding of the case.

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