Construction Worker Injured While on Boom Lift

    boom liftThis case takes place in Texas and involves plaintiff who was connecting steel at a construction site. The steelworker boomed up to the sixth floor in an aerial boom lift supplied by defendant. The plaintiff exited the lift and tied off the stanchion behind him, stood on the moment plate and waited for a piece that weighed 7,000 lbs. The beam came to plaintiff backwards and he attempted to spin it around. He gave a command to the operator in the boom lift to boom up as he did this. According to the plaintiff, he missed the first attempt and spun the piece around again. At that point the beam hit a column and it spun back at him very quickly. Plaintiff could not escape the beams path and was stuck in the head from it as a result. It is alleged that when connecting bolted moments, the area provided longer tag lines. The other defect relates to the improper use of a retractable lanyard. The lanyard locked up when plaintiff tried to move vertically away. It is claimed that the lanyard was not set overhead for the workers on this job.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Have you ever served as an expert on a similar case?
    • 2. Please explain your construction experience - specifically overseeing safety and work.
    • 3. Are you experienced in providing 100% fall protection and a high level of safety?

    Expert Witness Response E-007734

    I have provided expert witness services on similar cases of steelworkers working at similar heights. I have worked in the construction industry for over 40 years, the majority of which was working at heights on major bridge and building projects. I was the safety engineer on the reconstruction of the Williamsburg Bridge in NYC during the ’90’s with approximately 400 tradesman and 60 engineers, all working at least 100 feet above the East River. This was completed without incident.

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