Conference Display Falls Causing Traumatic Brain Injury

Neuropsychology ExpertThis case involves an individual who suffered a traumatic brain injury at an industry conference when a display fell over and hit her. While the woman was walking through a sponsor’s display, one of the structural beams caved in and the display collapsed, causing her to lose consciousness. In the months following the incident, the woman continued to suffer from symptoms of traumatic brain injury, such as severe headaches, change in behavior, and severe memory loss. These injuries significantly impacted the woman’s ability to work. An expert in neuropsychology with specific expertise in traumatic brain injury was sought to opine on the woman’s condition and potential damages.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your expertise with traumatic brain injury.
  • 2. Have you lectured and/or published on the subject?

Expert Witness Response E-009016

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who has been practicing since 2002, and I have held board specialization in clinical neuropsychology since 2006. I have run my own neuropsychology private practice since 2010, and have seen over 2,400 patients in that time. A considerable portion of my practice with referrals from non-traditional clinical sources has been with patients who had complaints secondary to traumatic brain injury or concussion. My expertise in traumatic brain injury has been in neuropsychological evaluation of persons with histories of brain injuries, ranging from mild to severe, in the context of various clinical and forensic referrals. Since 2010, I have evaluated 27 cases with a primary referral of TBI from a clinical source and 24 cases with referrals of concussion or post-concussive syndrome from a clinical source. I have also served as an expert for civil cases where there was a question of brain injury, performed IMEs for insurance companies with a question of TBI, and consulted on worker’s compensation cases for TBI.

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