College Athletic Physicians Allegedly Over Prescribe Pain Killers

    Sports Medicine Expert This case involves allegations by various Division III college athletes regarding the misuse and overuse of Ketorolac medications by team physicians. It was alleged that the physicians consistently prescribed more than the daily maximum daily dose and encouraged the athletes to use the medication past the 5-day maximum use. Many athletes have experienced persistent unusual side effects as a result of the drug use. An expert sports medicine physician was sought to discuss how one treats and medicates players on an individualized basis and what the determining factors are for those individualized treatments.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your background in sports medicine.
    • 2. Do you currently, or have you ever, prescribed Ketorolac? Please explain.

    Expert Witness Response E-017978

    I am a nationally and internationally recognized expert in sports medicine with 20+ years of experience managing the care of college athletes. I have served as head team physician at several prestigious colleges and have worked extensively in the arena of caring for division I athletes. I am also regularly invited to guest speak on a myriad of sports medicine topics. I have used and continue to use Ketorolac in a controlled perioperative setting for perioperative pain management in conjunction with and administered by anesthesia. I have rarely given Ketorolac in a postoperative clinic setting as an adjunct to pain management in complex cases. I have administered Ketorolac injection to injured players and coaches, usually for low back pain flare-up, but have not used the injection to allow players to return to play that day. I have just used it to act as an appropriate non-narcotic adjunct to injury or surgical pain management in the perioperative and peri-injury period.

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