Client Receives Thermal Burns From Laser Hair Removal Treatment

    Laser Hair Removal Expert

    This case involves a female client who received severe burn injuries from laser hair removal on her face. The client had never undergone laser hair removal treatment before the incident in question. She researched the establishment in question, which had above average reviews and highly trained staff. The laser technician who treated her had a new machine and informed the client that it was his first time using it. As the technician began removing the hair, the client experienced excruciating pain and asked the technician to stop. The client received thermal burns and permanent scarring above her mouth from the treatment. An expert in laser hair removal was sought to discuss the time frame it takes for a technician to become proficient in using a machine.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your experience with laser hair removal.
    • 2. When utilizing a new machine, what training should be received prior to use on a client?

    Expert Witness Response E-167501

    I have personally performed approximately 40,000 laser hair removal treatments over the past 7 years and I oversee a staff of 5 laser hair removal technicians who see a total average of 50 to 60 clients daily. I have also received a nationally recognized certification from a laser college. If a technician is purchasing a new machine, the manufacturer will send a trainer to train the staff. If a technician is purchasing a machine from the used market, the machine usually comes with a comprehensive owners manual that includes proper treatment protocols. An experienced owner or manager should be able to develop a training program utilizing the manual. When I personally purchase a new machine, each staff member is trained individually by me and performs treatments on me or another manager before they can treat a client. Their treatment protocols and settings are reviewed by me for 30 days before they are allowed to treat a client without my supervision. Most FDA approved lasers provide similar levels of efficacy. It is the technician that is responsible for using the correct machine with the appropriate wavelength and power settings for each individual client. This is why proper training is so important.

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