Chemistry Expert Opines On Testing Methods For Environmental Pollution

    Analytical Chemistry / Environmental Pollution Expert

    This case involves a widespread PCB contamination by an appliance manufacturer during the 1960s. Pollution from the manufacturer in question has severely contaminated the local community, including, but not limited to, residential and commercial building and the environment. The effects of this industrial pollution continue to affect this community 35+ years after the ban of PCB pollution. An expert in analytical chemistry with a background in the environmental effects of PCB pollution was sought to test for PCBs in the environment and discuss testing methods in the mid 20th century.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your familiarity with PCBs.
    • 2. Are you familiar with any historical testing methods that were used to determine PCB contamination in the mid 20th century?
    • 3. Would you be able to determine the earliest time period possible to test for PCBs in the air at relatively low levels?

    Expert Witness Response E-004804

    I have personally investigated several major PCB contaminated sites and have served as an expert in a number of cases involving PCBs. I have worked on several PCB projects including the contamination of a major northeast river. For this project, I specified to protocols used to collect and analyze the samples. I am very familiar with the historical testing methods for PCBs used in the mid 20th century from hands-on experience and can determine the earliest time period that analysis in the 100-200 ng/m3 could have been used. I have several publications that address PCBs, including a book on human toxicology and chemical mixtures. I am very familiar with the proliferation of PCBs in the environment including how they spread and bio-accumulate, the collection and analysis of PCBs, and their human and environmental toxicity.

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