Carpet Expert Witness Needed in Office Accident Case

ByMichael Talve, CEO


Updated onJanuary 8, 2022

Carpet Expert Witness Needed in Office Accident Case

This case involves an injury to a man after falling in an office building. The building in question had new carpet installed in the entranceway and on the first three stories. The installation crew told the building’s owner that the carpeting was adequate to be walked on, but explained that they would return for an inspection in two weeks. The plaintiff, after entering the building, tripped on the carpet in the entranceway because of an allegedly large ridge that was left in the rug. As a result of the fall, the plaintiff suffered a broken wrist and two cracked ribs, which caused respiratory issues.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

1. Can you determine if the carpet was in compliance with the regulations an office space?

Expert Witness Response E-006460

inline imageIn most cases, the proper installation of a carpet, especially in an office building, is dependent on a number of factors. The estimated daily foot traffic, the climate of the area, the slope of the surface, the different items stored on the carpet, and other factors can all affect how the carpet should be installed. Additionally, the actual carpet used can affect the proper procedures for installation. I am very familiar with carpeting standards and have expertise in installing and inspecting carpet. A full analysis of the plaintiff, the conditions, and the area involved (including the carpet) would indicate whether the building was in compliance with the relevant regulations.

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Michael Talve, CEO

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