Cable Manufacturing Company Sued for Construction Accident


A crane operator in charge of dredging and moving dynamic loads off the coastline was severely injured when a cable snapped, causing him traumatic brain injury. The operator was in the cage of the crane, helping to pull pipeline from the sea floor and dismantle them. Thick metal cables were used to hoist the pipelines, but while lifting one of the pipes a cable snapped, causing the crane to break. The cage of the crane broke so severely that it smashed the operator’s face, breaking numerous facial bones and causing immediate trauma to his brain. A lawsuit was filed against the cable manufacturing company, and a vocational rehab expert with experience in severe facial trauma and brain injury was asked to comment on the case.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please briefly describe your vocational rehabilitation experience with brain and facial trauma patients.

Expert Witness Response E-008207

A substantial segment of the forensic rehabilitation assessments I do and have done for the past three decades involve brain injury, facial disfiguration, and maritime setting injuries; in fact, half a dozen or more of my past cases could be seen as very similar to this one.

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