Aviation Expert Determines Whether Human Factors Caused Fatal Crash

Aviation ExpertThis case involves a fatal plane crash in Montana. The pilot was an elderly female with 30 years of aviation experience at the time of the accident. The route was only 4 hours and she had flown it before. The pilot had used GPS technology while in flight and there were no abnormal weather conditions before or at the time of the accident. The plane was serviced right before the accident including a full inspection, engine repair, and installation of new parts.  It was alleged that the engineer who performed the engine repair caused the damage that resulted in this accident. The engineer asserted that his job was done with no errors and that pilot’s error caused the crash. An aviation expert was sought to determine whether human error or malfunction of the plane caused the accident.

Question(s) For Expert Witness

  • 1. Please explain your background in aviation.

Expert Witness Response E-009401

I am a consultant with general/commercial aviation experience, regulatory experience with the FAA, and piloting experience as a retired US Army/FAA experimental test pilot. I have FAA airplane, rotorcraft, seaplane and ground instructor ratings. I am also an FAA designated engineering representative (DER) flight test analyst. I have relevant experience in numerous forums on accidents, causal analysis, and human factors. I have provided expert witness testimony and reports on both airplane and rotorcraft accidents. I also have participated in numerous investigations on either the FAA or other parties. I have participated in engine, general aviation, commercial aviation, and rotorcraft accidents.

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