Assessing Safety Procedures in Agricultural Equipment Use

This case study explores an incident on a sugar farm where inadequate safety measures led to a worker being severely injured by a road grader.

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Published on February 6, 2024

Road grader heavy earth moving on farm land

Case Overview

This case study examines an unfortunate incident involving a worker who sustained severe injuries on a sugar farm. The individual was attempting to communicate with the operator of a road grader (a large piece of machinery typically used in construction but present on this agricultural site).

Despite the machine being parked and off, the worker approached it on foot while vocally alerting the operator. As he neared, the operator started the machine and reversed, inadvertently turning into the man, causing significant injury.

This case necessitates an expert in agricultural equipment safety to scrutinize training procedures and provide insights into the correct operation of such heavy machinery.

Questions to the Fleet Management expert and their responses


Can you describe your experience in agricultural equipment safety as it relates to proper training and safety procedures used on large farms?

With over 50 years of experience working with diverse types of equipment across multiple vocations, I have developed extensive knowledge of safety protocols. My expertise includes understanding OSHA and ANSI regulations for various kinds of equipment. Although a road grader is more commonly associated with the construction industry, similar safety measures apply.


What safety standards are taught to equipment operators before starting and operating a large machine to ensure their surroundings are safe and other workers are not endangered?

Operators across all fields are trained to check their surroundings thoroughly for personnel, other machinery, vehicles, or obstructions before moving their equipment. Many machines are equipped with mirrors or cameras to help operators identify potential hazards.

About the expert

This expert brings over 40 years of experience in fleet management, underpinned by a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. They are a certified equipment manager and automotive fleet manager, with active memberships in several professional organizations, including the American National Standards Institute and the NAFA Fleet Management Association. Currently serving as the principal consultant at their fleet management company, this expert's previous roles include assistant manager at a machinery company and vice president and fleet manager at an electric company.

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