Architect Suffers Career-Ending Injuries in ATV Accident

    Sleep Medicine ExpertThis case involves a 32-year-old male architect that developed a number of permanent medical problems following an ATV accident. The architect developed chronic neck, shoulder, back and hip pain. Due to the unrelenting pain, he suffered from severe sleep disturbance, suicidal ideation, and ongoing thoughts of self-harm. As a result of his impairments, the architect was unable to return to work. An expert psychiatrist was sought to perform an independent medical examination to fully assess the architect’s damages.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. Please describe your background in psychiatric independent medical examinations.
    • 2. How often do you see patients with a similar presentation?

    Expert Witness Response E-242103

    I have assessed several hundred cases of personal injury often leading to the clinical picture described. Chronic pain is a precipitation for an array of effects that impact function extending beyond the impact on the individual to include family and social effects. Cognitive impairment associated with physical symptoms is also common and needs assessment separately for impact on function which can be subtle but important and often missed. Given the fact that disability is not in question, the key determination will be the impact of the interacting factors on personal function, social interaction including marital and family impact, emotional reaction, and psychiatric disturbance all of which can be considerable. Attribution of cause and presence of pre-morbid vulnerability will be considerations as will prognosis for improvement.

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