Illegal Termination Due to Pregnancy Leads to Wage Loss Inquiry

    wage lossThis case involves an employee who was allegedly terminated because of illegal discrimination.  The plaintiff worked for a shoe company as an analyst. After working there for ten years, she informed her superiors that she was pregnant. Two weeks later, she was terminated. She filed suit in efforts to recover fair compensation for her lost wages.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. What is the reasonable measure of lost wages for a worker who is terminated because of illegal discrimination?

    Expert Witness Response E-002850

    I understand the nature of the case, and can comment on wages lost as a result of illegal discrimination. I would analyze factors including her previous salary, along with any other factors that would determine how much she should have been receiving. I am an economist, and I have performed thousands of lost earning calculations, which have been utilized in courts around the United States. I have provided deposition and trial testimonies in more than 125 instances over a period of fourteen years of practice.

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