Accident in Toy Store Parking Lot Injures Man

    This case involves an accident, which severely injured a pedestrian. The driver, a forty-three-year-old male, was searching for parking in a toy store’s parking lot. The driver began pulling into a spot but struck the plaintiff. Unaware that the plaintiff was under his vehicle, the driver drove for eight feet with the plaintiff being dragged under his vehicle. The plaintiff sustained several lacerations, a broken arm, and several bruises on his legs. The parking lot had no speed limit signs, crosswalks, or speed bumps, but did have overhead lighting.

    Question(s) For Expert Witness

    • 1. In failing to post speed restrictions, provide pedestrian crossing, or speed bumps, was the toy store negligent in the design and maintenance of the parking lot?

    Expert Witness Response E-000906

    In large, commercial parking lots, it is important to provide information and regulations to ensure that pedestrians can safely get from their vehicles to the store. Furthermore, when considering that it is a large toy store, safety procedures are even more important because of the likely presence of small children. With no safety measures in place beyond the overhead lights, it seems like the store was negligent in its parking lot design. I have worked as a parking lot expert witness on multiple cases, and I am an engineering professor at a local university.

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