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Environmental Toxicology Headshot

Environmental Toxicology Expert

This highly-qualified expert has her Masters, PhD and postdoctoral training in the area of environmental toxicology. She continues to work in this area, focusing primarily on the long term effects following exposures to halogenated hydrocarbons. In addition, her research activities involve the study of drug metabolism and nuclear hormone receptors. Her teaching activities (to dental, medical, graduate and undergraduate students), encompass the disciplines of toxicology ...

Chinese Personal Finance Headshot

Chinese Personal Finance Expert

This expert is an associate professor in the Personal Financial Planning Department at a prominent Midwestern university. Completing her undergraduate studies in International Relations in China, she received her doctoral degree in Family Resource Management from The Ohio State University. Her research interests focus on helping individuals make informed financial decisions, specifically, decisions related to their portfolio management, financial risk-taking, as well as ...

Occupational and Hyperbaric Medicine & Independent Medical Evaluations Headshot

Occupational and Hyperbaric Medicine & Independent Medical Evaluations Expert

This highly experienced physician is board certified in Occupational Medicine, Aerospace Medicine, and Hyperbaric Medicine. Frequently performing independent medical examinations, he is certified in the evaluation of disability and in the assessment of impairment ratings. He is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the several Wound Care Organizations. In addition to his clinical ...

Security & Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Headshot

Security & Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Expert

This expert is an independent security consultant with international experience in crime prevention, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), security management and premises liability litigation support. Formerly the Principal Consultant and Executive Vice President at IPC International Corporation, a security firm, he entered the field as a Detective with the Baltimore Police Department. He holds a Bachelor's degree from the American University and ...

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