Yoann Millet, MD

Dr. Yoann Millet, MD

ID: 1592637

Spring, Texas

About Dr. Yoann Millet, MD

This expert has many years of experience in the field of pain management. He earned his BA in biological science and his MD from Cornell University. Thereafter, he completed his internship in general surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital, a residency in anesthesiology at Baylor College of Medicine, and a fellowship in pain management at Duke University. Today, this expert is board certified in anesthesiology, pain management, and addiction medicine. In addition, he has published 13 articles, 10 presentations, and 14 abstracts. Currently, he is a clinical assistant professor in internal medicine at a medical school, the director of sexual health at a wellness center, and a physician partner and owner of a pain control clinic, all in Texas.


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