William Purcell

Mr. William Purcell

ID: 135092

Bedminster, New Jersey

About Mr. William Purcell

This expert has over 40 years of experience in every area of investment banking, including Mergers and Acquisitions (including LBOS and recapitalizations), Fairness Opinions, Adequacy Opinions, Solvency Opinions, Valuations, Damage Issues, Fiduciary Issues, Advice to Special Committees of Boards and Trustees, Due Diligence and Disclosure Issues, Financing of debt and equity both public and private, Leasing and Real Estate Financing, and many other areas. He graduated with honors in economics from Princeton University, followed by graduating at the top of his class in the MBA program at New York University (NYU) Business School. Until 1990, this expert served as an investment banker at Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., one of the most prominent American investment banks of the twentieth Century. Joining the firm as an associate, he became a Vice-President, then Senior Vice-President, and was elected Managing Director in 1982. In November 1990, he resigned from Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. to pursue a new business opportunity. From October 1993 through February 1995, he served as President and CEO of Gulf USA Corporation, shepherding it through a reorganization process, and as a Director of Gulf Resources Pacific in New Zealand, a 90% owned subsidiary and one of the largest commercial real estate companies in New Zealand. He also served as an advisor to certain corporate finance departments of medium-size investment banks, including Gruntal Capital Markets. In addition, he served on certain boards of directors. This expert is currently a Senior Director at a boutique investment bank with both U.S. and foreign clients.


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