Tracy Lawson

Ms. Tracy Lawson

ID: 10997

Honolulu, Hawaii

About Ms. Tracy Lawson

This certified Safety Professional, Safety and Health Professional, and OSHA Instructor has over 30 years of experience in the field. She earned her BS in occupational safety & health at Columbia Southern University. This expert holds memberships in the American Society of Safety Professionals and the General Contractors Association. Formerly, she served as a Traffic Accident Investigator with the US Army Military Police Corps, as the Safety Director & Labor Relations Manager at Pacific Partitions System, as a Consultation & Training Business Owner at Comprehensive Safety Services, as a Safety Administrator at Fletcher Pacific Construction Co Ltd., as the Director of Environmental Safety & Health at Dick Pacific Construction Co Ltd., as the Vice President of Corporate Safety Operations at Dick Corporation, as the Assistant Vice President of Risk Control Services at King & Neel Inc., and as the Principal of Risk Control Services at Risk Solution Partners. Currently, this expert serves as an OSHA Authorized Instructor at an OSHA Training Institute and as the President/Owner of a Hawaii safety consultancy.


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