Tom W. Trusal, CCPA

Mr. Tom W. Trusal, CCPA

ID: 73928

Austin, Texas

About Mr. Tom W. Trusal, CCPA

This highly-qualified cell phone data forensics expert has over a decade of experience. He earned his BS in communications from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is active in his field as a member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists. This expert is a physical analyst and operator certified by Cellebrite, as well as a certified electronic evidence collection specialist. He is a licensed private investigator through the Texas Department of Public Safety and previously served as a digital forensic examiner for the Digital Forensic Solutions, LLC. This expert also served as the supervisor of the criminal investigation unit, supervisor of the computer crime unit, and as a computer forensic examiner for the Pennsylvania State Police. Currently, he is a forensic examiner for a data recovery service in Texas.


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