Roy Taylor

Dr. Roy Taylor

ID: 3911

Raleigh, North Carolina

About Dr. Roy Taylor

This highly experienced expert has almost 40 years of experience in law enforcement and criminal justice. He received his BS in criminal justice from Mount Olive College. He went on to obtain an MS in occupational safety from East Carolina University and is currently a PhD candidate in criminal justice and public policy at Walden University. This expert is a certified criminal justice instructor in NC, a certified physical security inspector, and a certified homeland security specialist. He is an active member of many prestigious law enforcement organizations, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the International Law Enforcement Trainers & Educators Association. This expert has a long career of public service in the military and in law enforcement. He has held leadership positions in the NC Army National Guard, the VA Army National Guard, and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force. He has served as the chief of police in Bladenboro, NC and Norwood, NC and as a deputy sheriff for the Wake County Sheriff's Office. He is currently the chief of police for two police forces and acts as a state emergency planning liaison officer.


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