Ronald Paul Olson, MD

Dr. Ronald Paul Olson, MD

ID: 21429

Glendale, California

About Dr. Ronald Paul Olson, MD

This expert in family medicine has been a primary care physician for over 30 years. Originally from Canada, this expert earned both his BS and MD from the University of Calgary and completed his family medicine residency at Dalhousie University. He worked his way up at Dalhousie University and eventually became the Medical Director of the Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre before moving to Duke University where he spent the last decade. While at Duke University, he was responsible for many departments, operating as the Director of Sports Medicine, Medical Director of Residential Options for Substance Abusers, Medical Director of Preoperative Screening and was the Co-Director of Blood Conservation for the university and it's Student Health Center. He now serves as a Family Medicine Physician and Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine for a medical school in California and volunteers a great deal of time to an international sports organization where he is a Lead Physician for primary care.


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