Ron Martinelli

Dr. Ron Martinelli

ID: 74270

Boerne, Texas

About Dr. Ron Martinelli

This highly qualified expert has over 22 years of experience as an active police officer and detective and over 35 years of active law enforcement training and consulting experience. He formerly taught forensic science, forensic psychology and criminology courses at various universities in the US. He is a certified force analyst by the Force Science Center and a certified forensic analyst by the IPICD. He serves as a forensic police practices expert for several Attorney General offices, including AK, OR, NV, NM, NE, IL, WV, VT, and DE. He also serves as a police and corrections practices expert for a number of law enforcement municipal and state agencies across the US. He has written two separate instructor and end user manuals on how to properly use tasers and is a certified taser instructor. He is the only expert that has conducted independent research on the physical and psychological effects of taser electricity into the human body that is non-cardiovascular, and is a certified medical investigator at the physician's level (the only police practices expert in the US with such certification).


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