Rebeca Weisleder Urow

Dr. Rebeca Weisleder Urow

ID: 93597

Houston, Texas

About Dr. Rebeca Weisleder Urow

This expert has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry and endodontics. She earned her DDS from the Autonomous National University in Mexico City and went on to complete a preceptorship in endodontics at the University Of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. She obtained her endodontic certificate from the University of North Carolina and is an active member of the American Association of Endodontists and the American Dental Education Association. She formerly served as the director of pediatric endodontics in the department of pediatric dentistry and endodontics at UTHSC at Houston and is the past president of the Houston Academy of Endodontists. Currently, she is a clinical professor of endodontics at a prominent academic medical center in Missouri.

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