Ravi Gorur

Dr. Ravi Gorur

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About Dr. Ravi Gorur

This highly qualified expert has over 30 years of experience in the field of electrical engineering with a concentration in electric power and energy systems. After earning his BS in electrical engineering from Bangalore University, he went on to earn his MS in electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Sciences and his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Windsor in Ontario. He is a member of the Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is a member of the editorial board for the European Transactions on Electric Power and the Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Before his current position, this expert spent nearly 30 years teaching electrical and power engineering at Arizona State University. He also formerly served as the deputy assistant secretary of power systems and engineering research at the office of electrical delivery and reliability for the US Department of Energy. This expert has published one textbook, 95 peer-reviewed journal articles, and has served as a consultant for various power companies across the globe. Currently, this expert is a professor and chair of electrical engineering at a university in AL.


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