Peter Chhim

Dr. Peter Chhim

ID: 42789

Canton, Michigan

About Dr. Peter Chhim

This expert has extensive experience in data analytics, quality and warranty systems. He earned his BS in manufacturing and industrial engineering technology, his MS in engineering technology, and his PhD in industrial and systems engineering from Wayne State University. He is a member of the OESA Warranty Management Council. This expert previously served as a quality systems coordinator with KVT Technologies, as a quality supervisor for Narmco Group, and as a process and improvement engineer at Ford Motor Company. He then served as a plant quality manager and as the corporate Six Sigma and warranty manager at JAC Products. He was also the regional warranty manager and the director of global warranty and warranty data analysis at Tenneco. This expert currently serves as an adjunct professor of quality and statistics at a university in Michigan and as the director of enterprise warranty excellence global products at a HVAC manufacturing firm in Wisconsin.


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