Omar E Beidas, MD

Dr. Omar E Beidas, MD

ID: 13596

Orlando, Florida

About Dr. Omar E Beidas, MD

This highly qualified expert has over ten years of experience in the plastic surgery field. After receiving his BS in bioscience and biotechnology from Drexel University, he went on to earn his MD from Temple University. Following the completion of his degrees, this expert pursued a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Oklahoma as well as a fellowship in body contouring and life after weight loss at the University of Pittsburgh. As a well-published member of the plastic surgeon community, he avidly presents his research and findings at top universities. This expert consistently contributes to academia, sitting on various local boards, while maintaining his position as a volunteer clinical instructor. He has extensive experience working as a physician for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Currently, this expert works as attending staff for a large hospital group in the greater Orlando area.


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