Nicolle Hutchinson

Ms. Nicolle Hutchinson

ID: 21771

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

About Ms. Nicolle Hutchinson

This qualified expert earned her BS in elementary education from Lee College and MSEd in educational leadership at the University of Pennsylvania. She is a certified K-12 principal who formerly served as a teacher at Westside Intermediate School and Henry D. Perry Middle School. She went on to work as a vice president, dean, and teacher Kingston Academy and as a presidency, principal, and lead teacher and Ambleside School of Hollywood. She started getting involved in charter schools when she worked as a principal intern at Sylvan Heights Science Charter School followed by Souderton Charter School Collaborative. She was then the president of Gillingham Charter Collaborative where she worked to found her own charter school, finally serving as CEO and director at Gillingham Charter School. Currently, she is an executive director and instructional coach at a charter school in PA.


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