Nathan Rose, MS

Mr. Nathan Rose, MS

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Englewood, Colorado

About Mr. Nathan Rose, MS

This expert has 20 years of experience in the field of accident reconstruction, specializing in motorcycle accident reconstruction. He earned his BS in engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and his MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado at Denver. Today, he is a certified accident reconstructionist and stays active in his field as a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He also stays active in his field academically, having published 49 technical articles and reports related to vehicular accident reconstruction and two books through the Society of Automotive Engineers. Moreover, this expert has also presented extensively on and taught several courses related to accident reconstruction. Formerly, he was a field engineer at Koechlein Consulting Engineers as well as both an engineer and a senior engineer at Knott Laboratory. Most recently, he was a director and principal engineer at Kineticorp, LLC, and the chief executive officer and principal accident deconstructionist at Luminous Forensics. Currently, he is a principal accident reconstructionist at an accident reconstruction and visualization firm in Colorado.

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