Michael Martin

Mr. Michael Martin

ID: 136429

Chatham, New Jersey

About Mr. Michael Martin

This highly-qualified expert has over 25 years of experience as a pharmaceutical and drug delivery executive involved in commercial agreements, new product launches, commercial agreements, product pricing, and clinical trials. He earned his BA in economics from St. Francis College before earning his MBA in finance from New York University. He also stays active in his field as a chartered financial analyst and member of the Licensing Executive Society. Formerly, he held positions as the director of investment, planning, and analysis at Warner-Lambert Company, as the manager of corporate planning and development at American Cyanamid, and as the associate director of business development at Sanofi. He has also served as the former director of licensing and acquisitions at Odyssey Pharmaceuticals and as the vice president of business development at MicroDose Therapeutix, both of which have merged with Teva. He is currently an independent consultant for multiple companies in the pharmaceutical industry.


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