Mark William Olsen

Mr. Mark William Olsen

ID: 6249688

Fairfax, Virginia

About Mr. Mark William Olsen

Mr. Mark W. Olsen has 39 years of experience in the fields of Aviation Management and Air Traffic Control. He earned his AS in Biomedical Technology from Springfield Technical Community College and his BS in Aviation Management and Air Traffic Control from Daniel Webster College. Today, this expert is certified as a Student Pilot and as a Control Tower Operator by the Federal Aviation Administration. He has conducted radar analysis and search and rescue for over two hundred aircraft, as well as investigated hundreds of Air Traffic Control incidents/accidents. Formerly, he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration’s New England Region as a Air Traffic Investigation and Evaluation Manager and a National Search and Rescue Program Manager, as well as an Event Investigation, Litigation Investigator and Playback Tools Program Manager. Currently, this expert serves as the President and Aviation Consultant at ATC Discovery LLC.


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