Manuel Salinas

Dr. Manuel Salinas

ID: 42446

Davie, Florida

About Dr. Manuel Salinas

This qualified expert is located in Florida and has extensive experience in the field of biomechanical engineering. He received his BS and PHD in biomedical engineering from Florida International University. He then completed his post-doctorate in cardiovascular medicine at Harvard Medical School. This expert is a member of several associations including the Florida Engineering Society, Biomedical Engineering Society, and Biomedical Engineering Honors Society. He has formerly served as an a laboratory assistant in biomaterials and cardiovascular mechanics, and as a research assistant, at Florida International Universit. He also served as a postdoctoral research associate at Harvard. This expert is incredibly engaged in biomechanical research, having authored numerous scientific articles and presented on various topics related to biomechanics. He has received several honors and prizes for his work in biomechanics over the course of his career. This expert currently serves as an assistant professor in engineering and computing at a university in Florida.


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