Lindsey Purcell

Mr. Lindsey Purcell

ID: 19648

West Lafayette, Indiana

About Mr. Lindsey Purcell

This highly qualified arborist has over 25 years of experience. He earned an AS from Vincennes University, a BS from Purdue University, and an MEd from Indiana State University. He is certified as a registered consulting arborist, a master arborist, and a TRAQ instructor. In addition, this expert is a member of numerous professional associations including the international society of arboriculture. Formerly, this expert served as a department manager at Becker Landscape Contractors, an instructor of horticulture technology at Vincennes University. He went on to serve as a forestry supervisor and city forester for the City of Indianapolis. Currently, this expert is the executive director of the Indiana chapter of an international arboriculture association. He also serves as an instructor of forestry and natural resources and as an urban forestry specialist at a university in Indiana.


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