Jimmie Lenz

Dr. Jimmie Lenz

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Durham, North Carolina

About Dr. Jimmie Lenz

This expert has over 25 years of experience in trading, electronic trading, and capital markets. He earned his BA from the University of South Carolina, followed by both his MS in finance and his PhD in business administration and finance from Washington University in Saint Louis. Today, this expert is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and is an active board member of the Zen Blockchain Foundation and the Center for Finance and Accounting Research. In addition, he has given numerous presentations and lectures on topics related to capital markets, and he has published over 30 articles on risk management and financial interests. Formerly, this expert worked as a senior equity trader at The Interstate Group, as the director of electronic trading at Bridge Training Company, as the co-president and chief operating officer at Bridge Trading, A Reuters Company, as the vice president of quantitative execution strategies at Jefferies & Company, and as the director of banking and capital markets at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He also served as the chief risk officer and the chief credit officer at Wells Fargo Advisors, as the director of technology risk in the department of wealth and investment management at Wells Fargo, and as the director of predictive analytics in the department of wealth and investment management at Wells Fargo. Most recently, he was a principal at the Financial Risk Group. Currently, he is a clinical assistant professor of finance and the director of the financial technology and cybersecurity master's program at a top university in North Carolina.

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