Jerald Harvey Udinsky, PhD

Dr. Jerald Harvey Udinsky, PhD

ID: 290663

Berkeley, California

About Dr. Jerald Harvey Udinsky, PhD

Dr. Jerald H. Udinsky has 52 years of experience in the fields of Economics and Business Valuation. He earned his BS in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then earned both his MA, and his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California Berkeley. Today, this expert is certified as a Senior Disability Analyst by the American Board of Disability Analysts. Formerly, this expert served as an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of California Santa Cruz and as an Adjunct Professor in the Professional Development Program at the University of San Francisco,. Currently, this expert is the President at The Udinsky Group, Inc where he specializes in rehabilitation economics, executive compensation, options, personal injury, structured settlements, antitrust, market studies, business appraisal, and mergers and acquisitions.


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