Jeffrey Jenkins

Prof. Jeffrey Jenkins

ID: 21437

Champaign, Illinois

About Prof. Jeffrey Jenkins

This highly qualified professor of performing arts has over 30 years of professional experience. He completed his BA in drama from San Francisco State University, his MFA in drama from Carnegie Mellon University, and his PhD in american studies from the University of East Anglia. This expert is a distinguished member of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, the American Society for Theatre Research, and the International Association of Theatre Critics, just to name a few. He has been the recipient of the NYU Tisch School of Arts Service Award in 2012, and the Meritorious Service Award for Editing by the American Theatre Critics Association. Formerly, he has served as an instructor of acting at Carnegie Mellon University and Pittsburgh Performing Arts High School. Additionally, he has held roles as a lecturer of graduate dramaturgy at Stonybrook University, a theatre historian and director of theatre studies at New York University, and as the department head of theatre at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has written 8 books and over 50 articles and essays on topics in performing arts. Currently, this expert is an associate professor of acting at a prominent IL university.


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