James Demeo

Mr. James Demeo

ID: 16606

Holly Springs, North Carolina

About Mr. James Demeo

This event and crowd control expert has nearly 30 years of experience in public safety. He obtained his dual BS in political science and history from Long Island University and his MS in sports management from Adelphi University, before joining the Nassau County Police Department as a patrol officer. He then worked as a detective in the missing persons division and the director of the community affairs division of the Nassau Country Police Department. This expert then went on to work in private security, first as the lead security officer for the AEG Barclays Center, then as a public safety officer at Adelphi University, next as the security operations manager for Cedar Park Center, and then as a security officer at Texas A&M University Health Science Center. Currently, he serves as a consultant and training program manager for a police and public safety consulting company, as an adjunct instructor in event security and risk assessment at a university, and as the president of a sports and entertainment security consulting company. He is also a member of the International Association of Venue Managers and ASIS International, and he holds certifications as an NYS-NCPD police academy instructor, a severe weather preparedness instructor, a Vistelar VDI & influence trainer the trainer, and a Vistelar verbal defense & influence instructor. Additionally, this expert has been recognized by Security Magazine as one of the most influential people in security, and he has published a best-selling book on how to keep safe during emergency situations.


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