Greg Javardian

Mr. Greg Javardian

ID: 21994

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

About Mr. Greg Javardian

This highly qualified expert is an experienced and certified National Basketball Player's Association agent. He negotiates several deals to place players with international basketball teams in over 25 countries across 5 continents. Formerly, he was the former scouting director of EV Hoops, previously known as ClibHoops, where he advised NBA front office clients on “Draft Guide” information and relevant prospects throughout the basketball season. He traveled to tournaments to scout, interview, and gather information on NBA prospects. He has drafted contracts for his clients and taught an in-person scouting course on how to properly scout for prospects. Currently, this expert is the vice president of a basketball agency in Philadelphia; he recruits NCAA basketball players, negotiates performance-related bonuses, and guides players playing abroad on foreign employment, international travel, and professional and personal matters.


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