Ernest Young

Mr. Ernest Young

ID: 14858

Apex, North Carolina

About Mr. Ernest Young

This highly qualified expert has nearly three decades of experience as a licensed attorney. He received his BA in government and English from Dartmouth College before going on to receive his JD at Harvard Law. He is very active in his field and has published extensively. He is one of the top dozen academic authorities on state sovereign immunity in the country. He has formerly served as a law clerk to both the Honorable Michael Boudin and the Honorable David H. Souter of the U.S. Supreme Court. Additionally, he has served as an associate for Covington & Burling as well as Cohan, Simpson, Cowlishaw & Wulff, L.L.P. Academically, this expert has extensive experience. Among other institutions, this expert has formerly served as an adjunct professor of law and visiting professor of law at Georgetown Law and Harvard law respectively. He served as an assistant professor of law, professor of law, Judge Benjamin Harrison Powell professor of law, and Charles Alan Wright Chair in Federal Courts at the University of Texas. He has also formerly served as the professor of law at Duke University. Currently, this expert serves as the Alston & Bird professor at a prestigious law school in North Carolina as well as a private consultant for a variety of legal topics.


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