Davinder S Grover, MD

Dr. Davinder S Grover, MD

ID: 11445

Dallas, Texas

About Dr. Davinder S Grover, MD

This board-certified ophthalmologist earned his BS at the University of California Davis, his MPH at Harvard University, and his MD at Johns Hopkins University. He completed his internship in internal medicine at Mercy Medical Center, his residency in ophthalmology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and his fellowship in glaucoma at the University of Miami. This expert holds memberships in the Texas Ophthalmology Association, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Glaucoma Research Foundation, and the Dallas Academy of Ophthalmology, where he served as the President. He has also published 36 peer-reviewed articles. Currently, this expert serves as an Attending Surgeon and Clinician at a Texas private practice, as a Clinical Assistant Professor at a Texas university, and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at a Texas university eye research institute.


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