David Scott Miner, MD

Dr. David Scott Miner, MD

ID: 1428662

Denver, Colorado

About Dr. David Scott Miner, MD

Dr. D. Scott Miner has 19 years of experience in the field of Emergency Medicine. He earned his BS in Anthropology from the University of Michigan and his MD from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He completed an internship in Transitional Medicine at the Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center and a residency in Emergency Medicine at the Denver Health Medical Center. Today, this expert is board-certified in Emergency Medicine. Formerly, he served as the Vice-Chair of Emergency Medicine at the Lutheran Medical Center and as the Vice President and Partner of Ergentus, LLC. He currently serves as an Attending Physician in the Emergency Department at the Good Samaritan Medical Center and at the Lutheran Medical Center, where he also holds the position of Director of the Emergency Department. Moreover, he is currently a Partner and Founding Group Member of US Acute Care Solutions, LLC.


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