David C Tong, MD

Dr. David C Tong, MD

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San Francisco, California

About Dr. David C Tong, MD

This expert has extensive experience in the field of neurology. He earned his BS from Stanford University and his MD from Baylor College of Medicine. He then went on to complete a residency in neurology at Stanford University Medical Center and a cerebrovascular fellowship at the Stanford Stroke Center. This board-certified expert is a fellow of the American Neurological Association, the American Academy of Neurology, and the American Heart Association. He is also a member of many other prestigious societies and has published 42 peer-reviewed journal articles, 7 book chapters, and 11 editorials and has been invited to give over 200 lectures. This expert is also a reviewer for major neurology journals, such as the Journal of Neurosurgery, the Journal of Neuroimaging, and the Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease. Formerly, he has held many positions in the field including the associate director of the Stanford Stroke Center, a clinical professor at Dartmouth University, and the medical director of the comprehensive stroke center at the California Pacific Medical Center. Currently, he serves as a neurologist at a private practice in California.

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