Darryl Reshaw

Mr. Darryl Reshaw

ID: 16600

Fayetteville, Georgia

About Mr. Darryl Reshaw

This highly qualified expert has been in professional basketball for over 30 years and has extensive experience with basketball leagues overseas. He played professionally in Europe for 13 years in seven different countries, playing in the European Champions Cup for Kingston in 1991. A former agent, he brokered over 250 international basketball contracts in over 35 different countries and has represented former NBA, NCAA D1 and small college All American players. He was also the founder of the Eurobasket Summer League, an international summer basketball event that is a useful scouting resource for international leagues, Currently, he is the director of marketing of a media platform that specializes in news coverage, scouting, consulting, and internet television for the global basketball market. The firm’s main event has assisted in helping 500 professionals secure significant jobs in the international market.


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