Daniel Overton

Daniel Overton

ID: 45144

Fort Collins, Colorado

About Daniel Overton

This highly qualified expert earned his BS in civil engineering from Colorado State University before earning his MS in geotechnical engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. Today, he is a licensed professional engineer in 17 states as well as a registered civil and geotechnical engineer. He stays active in his field as a diplomat of geotechnical engineering for the American Society of Civil Engineers. Formerly, he has served as the vice president and principal geotechnical engineer at Geosoils, Inc, the staff manager and a senior geotechnical engineer at Shepherd Miller, Inc, and as the vice president, principal geotechnical engineer and geotechnical group manager at TetraTech/MFG, Inc. He is currently the president and principal geotechnical engineer of an engineering analytics consultancy in Colorado where his work focuses on mine facilities design including tailings impoundments, heap leach pads, process solution ponds, and waste rock disposal sites, water impoundment and dam design, and geo-civil and public works design.


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