Carey Linker, MD

Dr. Carey Linker, MD

ID: 46234

Eastpoint, Florida

About Dr. Carey Linker, MD

This highly-qualified expert has 25 years of experience as a diagnostic radiologist. He earned his BS in biological sciences from the SUNY Stonybrook, his Ph.D. in cellular and developmental biology from Harvard University and continued to earn his MD from Stanford University. This expert then went on to complete a residency in diagnostic radiology and a fellowship in MRI at Massachusetts General Hospital. He additionally completed a fellowship in musculoskeletal radiology from the University of California, San Francisco. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology and is highly-published in his field. Formerly, he served as a clinical instructor in musculoskeletal imaging at the University of California, San Francisco. Additionally, he has practiced clinically at the Radiology Regional Center, P.A. in FL and at Kaiser Permanente in CA. Currently, he serves as a musculoskeletal radiologist at a private practice in FL.


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