Bedri Munir Yusuf, FACP, MBA, MD

Dr. Bedri Munir Yusuf, FACP, MBA, MD

ID: 795817

Gainesville, Georgia

About Dr. Bedri Munir Yusuf, FACP, MBA, MD

Dr. Bedri M. Yusuf has 24 years of experience in Internal Medicine and Hospital Medicine. He earned his MD from the University of Gondar College of Medicine and Health Science and his MBA from the Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst. He completed a residency in Dermatology at Universität Leipzig Medizinische Fakultät before coming to the United States and completing both an internship and a residency in Internal Medicine at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center. Today, this expert is board certified in Internal Medicine and Focused Practice in Hospital Medicine. Formerly, this expert served as the Vice President and Chief Physician Executive of Gwinnett Medical Group, Inc. He was also the Vice President of the Medical Staff at Northside Hospital Gwinett. He currently serves as the Chief Physician Executive of Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, Inc. and as an Attending Physician for the Northeast Georgia Health System.


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