Expert Qualifications

This expert has experience in wireless communications technologies and the wireless communications market and industry. He began his career in telecommunications in 1970 designing and developing communications networks and systems for large commercial and government organizations. Since 1990, all his work has focused on mobile, cellular, and wireless technologies, standards, spectrum, networks, and services.
As an educator, this expert teaches courses covering mobile, cellular, and fixed wireless technologies, networks, and services. As an expert witness, he has authored numerous expert reports and has been deposed numerous times in cases ranging from the use of cellular technologies to theft of trade secrets. As a patent analyst, he has performed claims analysis on hundreds of telecommunications patents for patent litigation, patent infringement, and patent validity. As an author, he has written numerous analytical reports on cellular carriers, emerging wireless technologies and related markets. As a business executive, he has been responsible for the management, sales, and marketing of communications systems, networks, and services. And, as a product/systems developer, he has designed and developed a variety of communications network and management systems for leading communications manufacturers.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Georgia
  • B.A., Communications, Brooklyn College of the City of New York
  • Has worked as a patent analyst for leading law firms in the telecommunications field
  • Various reports and publications about communications networks and products
  • Lectured at multiple wireless communications and network conferences
  • Former, Director of Market Research and Product Planning, Siemens Corp.
  • Former, Director of Market Management for Integrated Office Systems and Assistant Vice President, Northern Telecom (Nortel Networks)
  • Former, President, Applied Marketing Technologies, Inc.
  • Former, Vice President of Product Development, Vodavi Communications
  • Former, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Executone Information Systems
  • Former, President and CEO, Alexander Lifesystems
  • Former, President and CEO, Invance Corp.
  • Current, President, private consulting group

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