Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified expert has over 28 years of waste management operational and safety expertise. He earned his BA in business and managerial leadership from Washington State University and his MBA in managerial leadership from City University of Seattle. He is a FEMA certified disaster management, waste, and transportation program responder. This expert is a member of the Solid Waste Association of North America and the National Industrial Transportation League. He is the former regional VP of the NW area for Puget Sound Trucking and Logistics and former director of transportation and logistics for Waste Management, Inc. Currently, he serves as the principal and VP of client solutions at an environmental and waste management global consulting firm.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: AZ
  • AA, Business, Economics, Statistics, & Management Consulting, Centralia College
  • BA, Business & Managerial Leadership, Washington State University
  • MBA, Managerial Leadership, City University of Seattle
  • Certified, Disaster Management, Waste, and Transportation Program Responder, FEMA
  • Member, Solid Waste Association of North America
  • Member, National Industrial Transportation League
  • Member, American Public Works Association
  • Former, Northwest Region Sales Director, Strick Lease
  • Former, Regional VP, NW Area, Puget Sound Trucking and Logistics
  • Former, Director of Transportation & Logistics, Waste Management, Inc.
  • Current, Principal & VP of Client Solutions, an environmental and waste management global consulting firm

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