Expert Qualifications

Expert in rapid transit accident investigation, particularly rolling equipment and motive power, event recordings, track, operations, train handling, and human performance. He retired from the National Transportation Safety Board after 22 years as an investigator-in-charge in which time he participated in 57 major accident investigations, 32 field accident investigations, 10 public hearings, 16 depositions, and 6 special studies.  He wrote 11 major accident reports, 8 field accident reports, and personally conducted 10 sworn depositions. He was responsible for over 157 adopted NTSB safety recommendations in all facets of rail transportation. He previously worked for the Burlington Northern Railroad as a mechanical department manager. After his NTSB retirement, he became Assistant Vice President of Operations, Planning and Analysis for Rail Sciences Inc. As the son of a now 96-year old retired locomotive engineer who had 42 years of service, he grew up in a railroad family and became fascinated with trains and the rail industry, particularly safety.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: Omaha, Nebraska
  • BS, General Engineering, United States Military Academy (West Point)
  • 22 years as a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) accident investigator (retired)
  • Extensive Post-Graduate Training in Engineering and Transportation
  • 10+ Publications
  • Former Burlington Northern Railroad Mechanical Officer
  • Former, Assistant VP - Operations, Planning, & Analysis, Rail Sciences Inc.
  • Current, President, private rail consulting firm

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