Expert Qualifications

This highly qualified expert has over 20 years of experience in the field of nursing. She warned her AD at Grigore Ghica Voda Nursing School, and her BS and MS at Al.I.Cuza University. She went on to complete her PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Texas at San Antonio, as well as her BSN at National University. She has significant background in cancer research and has been published in peer-reviewed journals. She is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Chemotherapy/Biotherapy, Oncology Nursing Certification and is active in her field as the President of the San Diego Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society. She previously served as the RN Nurse Shift Superivosr at Northeast Baptist Hospital, and Currently is the RN Charge/Nurse Educator Liaison in the Hematology/Oncology Department at a Hospital in California.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: CA
  • AD, Grigore Ghica Voda Nursing School
  • BS, Al.I.Cuza University
  • MS, Molecular Genetics, Al.I.Cuza University
  • PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • BSN, National University
  • Certified, Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Certified, Chemotherapy/Biotherapy
  • Certified, Oncology Nursing Certification
  • President Oncology Nursing Society, San Diego Chapter
  • Former, Staff Nurse, Medical/Neurology Unite, Rehabilitation Hospital in Romania
  • Former, RN Lead Medical Specialties, Medicarom Ltd
  • Former, RN Nurse Shift Supervisor, Northeast Baptist Hospital
  • Former, Cancer Research Scientist, Tumor Virology Program
  • Current, RN Charge/Nurse Educator Liaison Hematology/Oncology Department, a Hospital in California

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