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Expert Qualifications

This expert has extensive experience in naval security and the international and domestic defense industry. He earned his BS in mechanical engineering from the US Naval Academy. During his 37-year career with the Navy, he served as a senior naval officer, as a director of warfare requirements, and as a military commander for the Iceland Defense Force. This expert then went on to serve as the corporate direction of naval aviation programs at Lockheed Martin and as the director of business development at Raytheon. Currently, this expert serves as the president of an independent defense industry consultancy in Virginia.

Bio Snapshot

  • Location: VA
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, US Naval Academy
  • Former, Captain, Iceland Defense Force
  • Former, Corporate Director, Naval Aviation Programs, Lockheed Martin
  • Former, Director, Business Development, Raytheon
  • Current, President, an independent defense industry consultancy in VA

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Security Expert

Security Expert

State: IL

This well-credentialed security expert has over 20 years of experience as a security executive, leader, advisor, and strategist. He earned his BS in criminal justice from Western Illinois University before completing his MA in business ...

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